Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Having Fun!

We'll start off this round of pictures with a little serenity!

Forest had just had a bath and fell exhausted from swimming so much.

This is Erin, Kevin and I getting ready to leave Rexburg after a nice weekend out of town.

Right before we left we got a picture at the temple too. We'll be going through one of these real soon! I can't wait!

Forest and Kevin were chillin waiting for Erin and I to get ready

This is the family we stayed with, Jason and Jodie Gonzalez... she is about 6 months pregnant.

Here I got out of bed in the morning to go to the bathroom and when I got back Forest had snuggled in.

Forest is helping me write a paper here, but from the looks of it he wasn't happy with my work.

Erin decided one day that she wanted to go out and draw with the chalk my mom had given us. So, we took out our little volcano and he ended up being the source of my inspiration (the drawing next to him).

Here's a close up of our little volcano.

And a close up of my drawing.

Forest wanted a little head start to driving, but when we sat him in the driver seat he looked a little daunted.

Erin successfully ran her first Rex Lee Run on this very freezing morning in march. This was my third Rex Lee Run and Forest stayed at home with Grammy... when I finished I went to go get him and then picked up Erin.

I decided to sit Forest next to me and when I looked at him we were sitting in the exact same position! It was also cute that he kept looking at me.

These last two are fun pictures of Forest that Erin caught on camera... he is soooo much fun.

And cute.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Demand for more Forest

I am tributing this Blog to the constant demand that I get for having more pictures of Forest. I am also spurred to action by Erin always telling people that I spend enough time playing during classes that I could use some of that for writing blogs... so here it is.

I just think that this is a pretty cute picture of the both of them, I think that with their powers combined they had beat me.

I like his hat... jealous.

Erin doesn't like this picture of her so she might kill me, but I really like it and I think it looks professional. (I took it)

Just chillin.

We had just bought this bumbo and really wanted to see him in it... he likes it, but he can't use it for long until his neck is stronger. We do use it for pictures and I really like his overalls... again jealous.

Caught him smiling

And again.

This is an outfit I use to wear. He looks pretty cute and he loves to suck on the little bow tie thing. It would be interesting to get a picture of me from my mom with me in the same outfit at the same age. He's not upset, just confused.

Here he's practicing to play the bagpipes, which he knows goes with the look.

We were packing for our trip for Rexburg and he just happen to slip in as a stowaway. He was pretty comfortable the whole way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'd like to dedicate this Blog to one of my many nicknames of 'Monkey'.

While at the Zoo we ran into some friends...

This is my brother Kyle and his friend Rupert!

Here Erin is consoling her friend Dolores

This is Stefan getting a snack with Ronald

Ryan is giving physical therapy to Ned...he pulled his shoulder

And I went into a arm wrestling match with Nigel.

Then things just started to get out of hand...(I was going to put in a video but ran out of time and the computer can't do it... maybe I can later).