Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Demand for more Forest

I am tributing this Blog to the constant demand that I get for having more pictures of Forest. I am also spurred to action by Erin always telling people that I spend enough time playing during classes that I could use some of that for writing blogs... so here it is.

I just think that this is a pretty cute picture of the both of them, I think that with their powers combined they had beat me.

I like his hat... jealous.

Erin doesn't like this picture of her so she might kill me, but I really like it and I think it looks professional. (I took it)

Just chillin.

We had just bought this bumbo and really wanted to see him in it... he likes it, but he can't use it for long until his neck is stronger. We do use it for pictures and I really like his overalls... again jealous.

Caught him smiling

And again.

This is an outfit I use to wear. He looks pretty cute and he loves to suck on the little bow tie thing. It would be interesting to get a picture of me from my mom with me in the same outfit at the same age. He's not upset, just confused.

Here he's practicing to play the bagpipes, which he knows goes with the look.

We were packing for our trip for Rexburg and he just happen to slip in as a stowaway. He was pretty comfortable the whole way.


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

hehehe!!! your comments with each picture are hilarious! i love you!

JoyceMcB said...

Cute pictures Bridger! You are a good photographer. Joyce

wendy said...

That little stowaway is too cute! Forest is getting so big!

Lisa said...

Totally cute! I love seeing Forest in the same outfit as you had, however you do not look the same. I will get a copy to you.
Isnt it amazing how much your life has changed and how much the baby takes up in time and how you cant remember when you have been happier?
We love you three**Mom

Mary said...

Great pictures! Forest is so cute and getting so big! My favorite picture is him scowling in your old outfit with the blue beret!